Play it with the original Soundtrack

The N. Sane Patcher allows you to play the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy with it's original Soundtrack from the PlayStation 1 or the pre-console version. It also allows you to revert to the N. Sane Trilogy soundtrack.

v1.2.0 - 3MB

Things you should know

You can select each level that you want to patch separately or patch everything at once. If you install the pre-console version, any track that is not available as a pre-console version will be left unaltered.

Patching takes a while due to the nature of the game files, expect about 20 seconds for each level. That means patching all three games will take 25-30 minutes. This is because each time the whole level has to be extracted and then repacked.

The PSX tracks have a higher quality than the pre-console tracks.

A few pre-console tracks don't loop correctly because they are too long. There's nothing we can really do about it.

If you're using the pre-console mixes, it's recommended to set the music volume to 10 and Speech/SFX volume to 7-8 for the best experience.



• Replace low-quality PSX version with high quality stereo soundtrack (thanks to NillsimeN)

• Reduce the initial download size from 600MB to 3MB (the rest will be downloaded in the patcher)
• Fix broken auto-updater

• Added Auto-Updater
• Support patching PSX + Pre-Console together

• Normalized the volume on all tracks
• Fixed broken Toxic Waste
• Fixed broken Tawna Bonus
• Added support for Aku Aku

• Fixed Crash 3 Time Twister crash
• Added support for the Crash 2 Warp Room